Month: November 2009

Daring Baker’s Challenge, Cannoli

My first experience which soon developed to an obsession with Cannoli started precisely 4 years ago. It was 4 years ago, that I started a new job at a shop which was directly opposite to a beautiful Italian patisserie. Each morning, my request would be a ricotta filled cannoli with a medium cappucino. I can remember precisely how the cannoli tasted, with it’s crispy shell encasing an airy mixture of ricotta cheese, douse in a little sprinkle of icing sugar, it brings back great memories.

King’s Vault Pop Up Bar – Darlinghurst

Good food, good wine and good people. To many people, these are the essential ingredients to a good life or at least a good Friday night. Wine makers and attendees of this Kings Vault event tend to agree, after having a chat with them all at the limited time only and innovative pop up bar, Kings vault. By the way, is ‘pop up bar’ the new black ? I keep seeing this word every where.

Bacon Macaron

For me, Bacon alone symbolises everything that’s good about this world. With its versatility and impossibility of being cooked incorrectly, I’d dare say it’s a fail proof ingredient. There is actually a point to my random babbling about bacon. Sometime last week, I spoke to Billy who mentioned he wanted to try making Macaron with bacon some how incorporated into it. Macaron and Bacon, sweet and salty. Soft and crispy, what a genius combination.