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Daring Baker’s Challenge: Macaron


Pink Macaron with Vanilla buttercream, Macaron with Nutella buttercream

Anybody that knows me well would know that upon the revelation of this month’s daring baker’s challenge, I was shitting myself.

The 2009 October Daring Bakers’ challenge was brought to us by Ami S. She chose macarons from Claudia Fleming’s The Last Course: The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern as the challenge recipe.

Prior to attempting this month’s challenge, my half dozen past experiences with macaron went something like this.

1. Separate egg whites from yolk

2. Whisk and add ingredients according to instruction

3. Pipe the macronage

4. Kneeling, with eyes glued to the oven for 10-15 minutes.

5. Pull out the failed macarons and discard it.

With such traumatic experiences, you can understand why I was so hesitant in dipping my toes into such a challenge again. Alas, it is the nature of the DBC, over coming your fears, creating things you’d never thought possible and learning from your mistakes.

To prepare myself for the daunting task ahead, I consulted the Holy Bible of Macaron that is Tartelette’s blog. After reading through her macaron posts, I was feeling confident enough to give the macaron one last go.

My fear of failure, and reading about people’s unsucessful attempts at macaron using the recipe provided, I opted for Tartelette’s standard recipe. Imagine my suprise when out of the overn, I pulled out a tray of successful macarons, with feet and all.


I was so happy with my success that I started to get a little obsessed, making another half a dozen batches, each time yielding beautiful macarons and experimenting with flavours.


Since first having mini macarons at Sepia, I’ve come to love these miniature versions. I dabbled with coloured dye, so resulted in blue macarons, and black sesame shells with buttercream filling.


My mum loves coconuts, so I made her a coconut/almond meal macaron with pandan leaf flavoured buttercream. Despite it taking me over an hour to fill up the jar, it took mum and the brother less than half an hour to demolish it. I take that as a good sign.


The obligatory tower of macaron, top to bottom: Black sesame shell with vanilla buttercream filling, coconut and almond meal shell with Pandan flavoured buttercream, and blue shell with vanilla buttercream.


Like any proud parent, I was showing off my little babies. Here’s a hanfdul of the mini macarons.

By this stage, with about 5 succesful macaron attempts under my belt, I decided to give macaron making a break. However, due to left over ingredients I decided to play around with different colours and create something different.

Eiffel Tower

The one thing that comes to my mind at the mere mention of Macaron is Paris.


Using super dooper mini macarons, I decided to diagrammatically present it in the form of the Eiffel Tower.

Nearing completion, Dad commented that it looked like the Eiffel Tower, YAY! I’m glad someone can make out what I was attempting.


My Eiffel Tower macaron in all it’s glory.

Joining the Daring Baker’s Challenge should come with a health warning; WARNING: BEING A DBC MEMBER WILL UNLEASH OCD THAT YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED Since completing my challenge, I’ve noticed that there are a few habits that I’ve picked up or things I’m obsessed about.

1. Looking out for powdered dye at every store that I go to

2. Ensuring that egg whites are aged for 4 days, no more, no less.

3. Looking at feets, whether it be macaron or human.

4. Running around the house looking for spots with the best natural sunlight.

5. Looking out for items that can be used as props for future photo taking sessions

6. The word “Lava like”

After sucessfully churning out about 8 batches of Macaron, I am happy to announce that I’m finally able to move ahead, putting the macaron demon behind me. Once again, thank you to Ami for choosing a great challenge, you’ve helped me over come my failures.


  1. oh my!! they awesome!! considering i’ve seen your prior fails i’m veryy impressed!! especially that you made that many and they turned out well and you managed to make a picture out of them!!

    i’m expecting rainbow jar of macarons for christmas now…

  2. abercrombie says


    regret not coming to sample them now.. BIG TIME!

    love the finger tower

  3. dungies says

    you did well =)

    i love it. can i have some?
    im scared to try incase i fail lol

  4. I have to say I envy your macarons!! They are soo cute, with little tutus (the feet..I like them better as tutus! :P). Well done in over coming your fear. I went with the given recipe…and the result…not pleasing. :( Love the pandan and coconut flavor — I was thinking of gula melaka+coconut+pandan, as I was making kueh dada :)
    .-= Jenny Tan´s last blog ..DISASTER WITH THE FRENCH KISSES!!! =-.

  5. Speechless stunned amazed wonderment you have blown me away and that picture of the Paris tower is excellent you are the macaron master. Superbly done the best effort I have seen in a long time. Yours Audax in Australia. And yes Helen’s recipe is perfection.
    .-= Audax Artifex´s last blog ..Daring Bakers’ Macarons =-.

  6. Those mini macarons look awesome! Congrats, Linda! Eiffel Tower also rocks but my fav is the macaron tower on your finger!!

  7. Wow Linda, despite your fears, you churned out perfect macarons! I loved the blue ones and I was also going to do coconut and pandan as well but ran out of time. Still have to do it though… the flavours are too beautiful to not try it! You’re amazing 😀

    Omg this whole month has been all foot fetishes and macaron OCD LOL!!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Daring Bakers Challenge: Macarons =-.

  8. OMG how awesome are your mini macaroons, I can feel a bakefest coming on. And the Eiffel Tower is superb!

  9. holy macaron-i! you really did get the hang of baking macarons alright…

    they look great – shapely, colourful. you hit the bulls-eye

  10. You know, somehow expressions like wow, awesome, omg and the like would only serve as understatements regarding the nature of this post, the micarons and the Eiffel Tower motif, for lack of a better term.

    Seriously, seriously good post, as understated as that may sound.

  11. Hi!
    I really love what you did for this challenge, so cute, these little ones, and that Eiffel Tower!! However, the link you posted on the “share your completed challenge” thread doesn’t work! Ik came here by visiting your profile.


  12. Wow, so creative, you captured the Frenchiness and prettiness perfectly! I agree with you, I cannot stop thinking about egg whites and macarons, and I’ve still got my eye out for powdered dye :)
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Daring Bakers: October =-.

  13. haha the mini ones are just adorable! do they have the same cooking time as the larger ones?

    i’m seeing soo many macaron posts, i wonder if everyone will get over this (from cooking way too many batches) hehe
    .-= Betty´s last blog ..Dulce de leche Chocolate babycakes =-.

  14. Great job. You are totally right about the Daring Bakers Warning. I can relate to that. So…. where have you found powdered food colouring. I got some from my mum which she must have got in Asia. One had a red lid so one would think it was red food colouring. Nope it was orange. I am on the lookout now too.

  15. @ Shez- Howard had the memory card containing all the photos. I had to wait till he got back from Singapore to upload the photos. Hahaha just made it in time.

    @ J- No worries J, I’ll make you some christmas macarons.

    @ Ellie- I think there were a couple of hundred shells to construct the tower. LOL I’m glad I finally got it right. Btw I’m still making macaron, not really sick of it yet, kinda obsessed =D

    @ Aptronym- Thanks =D I think i made 6 batches all together, so probably about 200 macarons.

    @ Abercrombie- Don’t worry, I’ll make u a fresh batch

    @ maybelles mom- LOL bananas is probably an understatement.. it’s like I was possessed.

    @ Steph- Thanks Steph.. I’ve finally concurred my fear.

    @ Trissa- LOL Thanks Trissa

    @ Rilsta- Hehe thanks, after finally getting the hang of it, I couldn’t stop.

    @ Dungies- LOL yay I owe you some, you nominated us for the nuffnang awards =D

    @ FFichiban- It was hard to count how many I made, as the family was just munching away.

    @ Mrs Ergul- After baking, they were about an inch in diameter. Hehe I like mini ones, means I can try more flavours.

    @ JennyTran- LOL Ooh I want to call them tutus too.. sounds better than feet. I must admit, the coconut and Pandan was a big hit with the mum.

    @ Betty- Thanks betty.. it was so fun making it, when it finally turned out right.

    @ Audax Artifex- LOL Yeah Helen’s recipe is my holy bible. Thanks for all the tips you’ve provided to me and the DBC community in achieving the perfect macaron.

    @ Shaz- Thanks Shaz- great fun making it.. hmm a little time consuming though. It’s like working on jigsaw puzzles.

    @ Andy- Thanks Andy, yup the obligatory tower shot, that’s my fav as well.

    @ Karen- Ooh you must try the coconut one Karen. It’s so fragrant with the coconut and Pandan.

    @ Lesley- LOL you should give it a go lesley, fun for the whole family =D

    @ Noel- hahaha Thanks Noel, I forgot to save some for u and Char.

    @ Tina- Thanks heaps Tina =D

    @ Gala- You would think after 8 batches I’d be sick of it.. but nope still churning them out, it’s fun when you actually get it right.

    @ Billy@ATFT- Nah I’m not sick of them yet, I amde another 2 batches last night, but they both failed miserably =(

    @ Hilda- Thanks hilda, it was definitely a long time coming.

    @ Simon- Thanks heaps simon. So much fun, at times a little frustrating.

    @ Miriam/the winter guest- Thank you, it tasted better than it looked.

    @ Wic- LOL yeah I’m known for my craziness, haha so I take it as a compliment, thanks =D

    @ Francijn Brouwer- Thanks for the heaps up Francijn, I think I was rushing it. Thanks for visiting.

    @ Christie@Fig&Cherry- Hehe the pink one is also my Brother’s favourite one =p

    @ VeggieWedgie- hahaha yeah the painting is a little rough, lol, the image in my head looked heaps better than this.

    @ Lisa- My mum found powdered dyes at the deli. They told her, they usually use it to dye eggs

    @ Reemski- You should give it a go, it’s so rewarding when you finally see the feet.

    @ Jacq- yay make macarons.. but make sure you read up on all the tips before you start, it will save you from alot of heartache and disappointment.

    @ Betty- The smaller ones took 10 minutes all up. LOL I think because I failed too many times in the past, I’m trying to even it up. I have to make another 4 succesful batches before it’s squared.

    @ Arwen- I loved the nutella buttercream, so yummy and nutty,

    @ Anita- LOL Yeah I told mum I wa slooking for powdered food dye. She randomly pulled it out of the pantry. She told me she got it from the deli, they usually use it to dye egg shells. Ooh misleading colours- hate that.
    .-= linda´s last blog ..Holy Basil, Canley Heights =-.

  16. Oh my, your macs are so beautiful! I adore your photos, and that macaron mosaic is positively brilliant!

  17. Oh my goodness!! These are so awesome!

    I just baked macarons as well! But mine didn’t turn out nearly as well! I must become more obsessive with the egg ageing! 😀

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  19. Susan says

    How do you get them to get the feet? (ruffled edge along bottom) What is your recipe please?

  20. Well done on the macarons! It was also last year when I got obsessed with macarons; and have been making them in all flavours and combinations. You should definitely try black sesame meringues with peanut cream/ peanut butter ganache for the fillings; they taste just like Mochi! I have a blog myself but unestablished, but have only been writing for the past month.

  21. Diana says

    AMAZING!!! I can feel your happiness while reading you blog…I will attemp my first ever macaron's this weekend…I have my fingers and toes cross…LOL…

  22. Diana says

    How long did you bake the macarons? and what is the oven temperature? thanks in advance…

    • I baked mine under fan forced oven at 120 degrees celsius for about 13 minutes, just keep an eye on them after about the 10 mins mark. Because my macarons are small, it didn't take long to bake at all. Everyone's oven is different, so 120 might not work on your ovem. it's all just trial and error unfortunately =(. good Luck

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