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SIFF Sugar Hit 2009: Tony Bilson’s Number One, Sydney

In fond rememberance of Onde‘s pear and frangipani tart, I thought I should see how well Tony Bilson’s Number One’s version stacked up.

Tony Bilson’s Number One wasn’t where I expected it to be. For some reason, I thought it was located in Customs House and when F asked me where I was going, as I veered away from him towards the building, I said, “Going to Number One of course! Aren’t you coming?” A bit of a minor verbal tussle ensued, where in the end, I yielded to Google Maps and someone’s 20/20 vision.

I realised afterwards that I was thinking of the cafe “Young Alfred” that’s established in Customs House, though I’m not sure how “Young Alfred” and “1 Alfred St” correlates in terms of address. Sigh.

I apologise for the terrible photo. I struggled with dim, warm lighting from inside the restaurant and being seated right next to the window, a bright, bluish light from outside the restaurant. I really did try, but then my ice cream started to melt, forming miniture riverlets amongst the pear slices, and so I gave up…

Pear and Frangipani Tarte Fine

Pear and Frangipani Tarte Fine

F and I thought that this was easily one of the better desserts on offer as a Sugar Hit. We found the pear and frangipani flavours to be light and sweet. The honeyed sauce added more sweetness to the dish without being overly coying and also kept the overall dessert very light in taste – I found myself mopping up the sauce as much as I could with each mouthful and unable to stop sighs of contentment as I ate. I would have to say though that the highlight of this dessert is the delicate, buttery and utterly flaky tarte, where my knife cut through its crust with a satisfying crisp crunch. The vanilla ice cream added a cold, creamy contrast to the warm sweetness of the tart.

So, how did it compare to Onde’s pear and frangipani tart? I think Onde’s version shone in flavour more than Bilson’s, but Bilson’s pastry base was unbeatable.

Tony Bilson’s Number One
1 Alfred St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph: (02) 8252 9296


  1. campgrenada says

    Awesome, and the photo looks great! You obviously have very high standards when it comes to food pics. :-)

    You really are taking the Sugar Hits challenge to the limit, good for you!

  2. abercrombie says

    if only they did sugar hits during the day.. id probably have that tart again for breakfast, and lunch

    this makes me want to try Bilsons

  3. I just realized how much I’ve missed Sydney after looking at your blog posts.. T__T will be back, but not so soon .. Is Saap Thai still around (I think it’s on Pitt St) It’s one of my fav Thai restaurants..

  4. campgrenada: Hahah, I’m just obsessive compulsive when it comes to photos I think.

    Thanks! I think… lol Me going to all these Sugar Hits just kind of happened.

    abercrombie: Hahah terrible.. but it was good!! One day we’ll get around to Bilson’s… one day =P

    Arwen from HogletK: I think it’s becoming one of my favourite desserts too! =D

    swee: Saap Thai is still around and yup, it’s on Pitt St – I walked past it the other week and it was packed (as usual hehe)! =D

    Simon Food Favourites: Thanks =) … but I’m still not happy with it. Hahaha…

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