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SIFF Sugar Hit : Sir Stamford at Circular Quay Hotel, Sydney

I love lazy weekends – I’ll admit I would happily sleep in til late in the afternoons sometimes (especially if it’s miserable outside). So when we were lazing around, idly discussing what we should do, F offhandedly put forward: “Why don’t we do a Sugar Hit?” Why not indeed.

Seeing that Azuma and the Hilton was booked solid that night (boo), Sir Stamford at Circular Quay Hotel’s Sugar Hit sounded like a nice, simple dessert alternative – and really, how can you go wrong with strawberries and cream?

Trying to be classy with the Cognac

Trying to be classy with the Cognac

The Sugar Hit here is paired with (surprise, surprise) Brown Brother’s Orange Muscat and Flora or a cognac. I really can’t get enough of this wine – it’s so super easy to drink! So I guess it’s a good thing, as it seems like most Sugar Hits are paired with it.

When F ordered the cognac, I raised my eyebrow at him (as you do to someone who doesn’t normally drink brandy). He muttered something about the place being fancy and had background jazz music. F informed me that while the cognac had a nice flavour as he sipped it, there was a nasty after-taste paired with a ‘burning’ sensation all the way down to his tummy – something I think one normally feels when drinking brandy. Of course I had a bit of a giggle at his expense, though he did manage to finish his drink.

Gingerbread Shortbread layered with Strawberries and Cream

Gingerbread Shortbread layered with Strawberries and Cream

I’ll be honest: I didn’t expect much from the description. So I was really surprised by its prettiness when it came out. We both looked at each other’s plates for a bit and after a moment of hesitation, F said that his plate looked prettier and should be used for the photos instead. We noted with amusement that aesthetics weren’t the only difference between our plates: my shortbreads were slightly bigger than his. It kind of reminded me of the gentle disclaimer you’d get on handmade products – that because they are handmade, each will be slightly different!



There was another moment of hesitation: how do we eat this without squishing out the cream like the innards of a squashed bug? F showed me how not to do it. Hehe.

While I found the cream to be slightly heavy, a tad thicker and a bit too much than I would prefer (gosh I sound like a fusspot), F was delighted with it and polished it all off. It was however excellent with the fresh, juicy and sweet strawberries and the equally delightful gingerbread shortbread. I found the shortbread to be the highlight of the dessert actually. It was so light and buttery and it had that satisfying crack-and-crumble you’d associate with a fresh biscuit. Interestingly, I didn’t really taste any hint of ginger until my second last mouthful.

The sauce was a nice touch as well – the finely chopped mint leaves added a refreshing component to the heaviness of the cream and sweet strawberries. I also rather liked the dried strawberry slices on top – they were chewy, but an almost intense sweetness would seep out when you did.

When we ordered our Sugar Hits our waiter hesitantly asked us for our IDs. We shot each other a terribly bemused look and obediently handed over our driver licenses. He strangled out a half chuckle of disbelief and said, “You’re a year older than me” before handing my license back. I think I’m socially inept at best and I never know what to say to these sort of things, so feeling rather embarrassed (and yet still somehow very amused at the whole situation), I just politely laughed and lamely mumbled, “Yeah”.

While we waited for the bill, we realised that the background music had transitioned from jazz to rapping RnB somewhere along the way. Sir Stamford at Circular Quay Hotel, it would seem, is full of surprises.

Sir Stamford at Circular Quay Hotel
93 Macquarie Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph: (02) 9252 4600


  1. poptart says

    Sir Stamford is the new rnb super club! Maybe they thought to play some more appropriate music cos they saw you were Asian? lol

  2. You guys are the king of SIFF sugar-hits! Since ive missed the bandwagon i love looking a tall your photos and of course it makes me hungry and guilty that ive been such a lazy head.

  3. Ooh, so pretty! You’ve covered so many sugar-hits! I’m so jealous, I haven’t been to one yet :S

  4. Yum, looks fantastic! I’m planning on going to glass brasserie for their sugar hit… hopefully they’re not completely booked out on the day I want to go!

  5. I probably would have gone for the muscat.

    I like the pretty strawberry chips that are on top of the dessert. Where do you think they source their strawberries from?

  6. poptart: Bahaha! Terrible. Perhaps, or maybe it was on random? I don’t know… Definitely was surprising though

    Helen (Grab Your Fork): Oooh, there’s a thought! That sounds like a more civilised way of eating it hehe

    Karen: I know huh?! =)) I love it when I get pleasantly surprised by food

    Leona: LOL! I think you can tell who’s got a bit of a sweet tooth 😉

    Betty: Awww =( I hope you get to go to one soon!

    Jacq: Were Glass Brasserie booked out when you went? How was it?

    Nate: Hehe yeah – it seems like a better option.

    Good question… I have no idea, sorry. =T But! I have emailed them and shall let you know if/when they reply =)

    Edit: Vincent Girardin, the Executive Chef at Sir Stamford, replied that their strawberries are from: N & L strawberries from Jandaburn, WA. He’s also supplied me with a contact number, but I’d rather not publish it, just to be on the safe side. So, email me if you’d like to know it =)

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