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Aria Chocolate tart recipe, Masterchef

A chocolate lovers’ dream

After a somewhat succesful outcome of my attempt at the Adriano Zumbo mousse cake, I thought it was fitting that I attempt Matt Moran’s chocolate tart which was the final hurdle in the pressure test challenge for the Masterchef finale. Looking at the recipe from the masterchef website, most of the ingredients I already had in the pantry or were left over ingredients from the Zumbo mousse cake. However, one item did flaw me. Jivar/Jivara chocolate, what the hell is that? Thanks to Citrus & Candy I soon found out that Jivara chocolate is a milk chocolate consisting of 40% cocoa with some malt, which when tasted, helped make the chocolate much more velvety than usual. I got mine from Simon Johnson at Alexandria, I was told by the staff that since Matt Moran’s appearance on Masterchef, almost all of their Jivara supply had been sold out.

Just like my Zumbo mousse cake post, I won’t post the entire recipe here because I followed it step by step. You can find the recipe on the Masterchef website at this link .

So, how does it compare ?


Matt Moran's version on Masterchef. Photo from

eatshowandtell version


I was relatively happy with my attempt at the recipe, but the following were a couple of problems I encountered when creating my chocolate tart.

Mind you, I’d love to try the real thing one day at Aria. Apparently this recipe is the ‘dumbed’ down version to cater for time restraints on Masterchef. Either way, it still tastes really good.

Chocolate tart mixture


During the baking process, 15 minutes into cooking, I noticed that certain areas of the tart mixture was raised or bubbling. This problem dissipated after the recommended baking time of 25 minutes. When removed from the oven and left to cool, the raised areas deflated to it’s original position.

Another problem I noticed was 20 minutes into cooking, the surface of the tart mixture started to crack. However once it was baked, cooled, topped with the Chocolate Glacage, then cut for serving, none of the cracks were visible.

Chocolate Pipe

For this process, I found that it was really important to follow the instructions, to ensure a shiny surface for the tempered chocolate. I would really recommend that people don’t be tempted to imitate Poh, and melt the chocolate in a pot.

Like the Adriano Zumbo mousse cake, I spread the tempered chocolate onto a piece of overhead projector paper. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right sized tube, so I rolled up a piece of cardboard to a circumference of approximately 2.5cm and taped up the edges. Once the tempered chocolate on the sheet had been standing for 3-4 minutes, I rolled the sheet into the cardboard.

During plating, cut the sticky tapes holding the cardboard tube. Gradually peel the overhead projector sheet from the chocolate.

Chocolate sorbet and chocolate macaron

I found making the chocolate sorbet was very easy with the help of an ice cream maker machine. However, to prevent icicles from forming, as suggested, I used a cling wrap to cover the surface of the mixture as close as I could, preventing moisture from getting in.

Matt Moran’s Macaron recipe was one of the most easiest that I have ever followed. Using minimal ingredients and processes, the outcome of the macaron was very succesful, yielding a crispy exterior and a soft chewy centre.


I used a spatula to form the semi circle chocolate glacage on the plate. The first 3 attempts were unsuccesful, however with practice I finally got the hang of it. To ensure that the chocolate was evenly spread out, I held onto the spatula quite loosely, ensuring that I don’t apply too much pressure.

When scooping out the quenelle of whisked thickened cream and chocolate sorbet, to ensure that the surfaces were smooth, I heated 2 tablespoon over a flame for 2-3 seconds prior to scooping out the cream and sorbet.


Upon completion of plating, I must admit I was quite impressed by the final product. Not to be outdone in the looks department, each components of the cake sure lived upto expectations. Starting off with the Chocolate tart, three different layers of chocolate, how can anyone resist ? A crispy but buttery base, topped with fluffy chocolate mousse like filling, completed by a thin layer of rich velvety dark chocolate, a diabetecs nightmare.

I’m not a big fan of sorbet, my philosophy is, if you’re going to have ice cream, might as well have the real deal. However, this sorbet has actually converted me. Despite the absence of cream, this sorbet was very smooth, rich, yet light, a win-win situation.

As previously mentioned, Matt Moran’s Macarons are incredible. The effort to taste ratio was 1:10, i.e. dead easy to make but without compromising the taste, they tasted amazing.

For me, the chocolate half pipe was easily the best looking component of the plate. With it’s glistening surface commanding all my attention, it’s presence was too hard to ignore.

Last but certainly not least, as if to redeem himself from all the naughty things that was offered on the platter, Matt suggests the addition of some thickened cream. Funnily enough, despite the fact that it was such a small portion, I felt that it was adequate for if you want a break from the assiette of chocolate.

Overall, I quite enjoyed baking the Chocolate tart. Once again, all the time and effort (about 3 hours) used into making this cake was more than worth it. Prior to this, I never thought it would be impossible to make restaurant quality dessert, however, with the tips learnt through watching Masterchef religiously, I can safely say that it is definitely possible. For any Masterchef addict, I would recommend that they attempt to make a dish that they’ve seen on the show, regardless of how complex it looks. Give it a go, you never know what you’re capable of until you try.

As Masterchef has ended a couple of weeks ago, I find myself continiously going back to the website and watching old episodes, so don’t be suprised if I attempt to re-create another Masterchef dish in the near future.



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  1. That looks amazing Linda! Much applause for making the whole dessert! The shiny gloss of the tempered chocolate just makes the whole process worth it didn’t it :)

    Beautiful job and omg – how good does this tart taste?!
    .-= citrusandcandy´s last blog ..Flourless Orange Cake =-.

  2. WOW it looks just like the original! That chocolate half pipe is certainly impressive, haha I really don’t know what Poh was thinking making up the steps as she went! I can’t wait to see what Masterchef dish you try next, maybe the Zumbo pannacotta? 😉
    .-= Steph´s last blog ..Pear, Apple & Cheddar Scones =-.

  3. Suey says

    Ok dude, send some this way! cause i drooling at work…not a pretty sight!

  4. Looks absolutely fantastic! Wouldn’t expect any less though – everything you make and post on this site looks amazingly fine-dining. Well done :)
    .-= shez´s last blog ..durian =-.

  5. omg, i think matt would’ve given you a 10 for sure! looks amazing, and the ingenuity of your makeshift pipe (made from cardboard!) is brilliant. very impressed!
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Kana Express Food, Sydney =-.

  6. abercrombie says


    Out did my french custard croissant and my triple choc brownies!

    You should take a culinary class in pastry, you have a knack for it. Then Team up with Howard and open up a Cafe where he can serve Toby’s Estate coffee to compliment your desserts. Linward Cafe – I can see it now

  7. *drops jaw*
    I see a future master chef contender!
    This looks like the real deal!

    And it only took 3 hours? Amazing! If i attempted this i can assure you it would have taken me ummmm 48hours cos I suck! hehe awesome work!

  8. Wow that looks absolutely amazing and exactly like the Matt Moran version! You definitely have a talent for desserts with the Zumbo mousse cake and now this! I’ve been thinking about making the chocolate tart component but I don’t think I’m game enough to temper chocolate just yet :)
    .-= Jacq´s last blog ..Strawberry Eton Mess =-.

  9. @Citrusandcandy- Thanks Karen, your tip on the Jivara chocolate helped me heaps. Funny enough I really enjoyed making the tempered chocolate, like you mentioned the shiny outcome is soo gratifying. OMG the tart tasted awesome, loved every layer.

    @Steph- Hehehe unfortunately my half pipe broke, so it looks a little lop sided. Hmmm Thanks for suggesting the Zumbo Panacotta, I just might give it a go =D

    @Suey- Hope you enjoyed the pieces I sent you.

    @Shez- Thanks heaps, I’m just a copycat =)

    @Helen- LOL yeah I didn’t happen to have a random half inch diameter pipe lying around. The good thing with using the cardboard though is when you cut off the sticky tape, the tempered chocolate kind of folds away from itself.

    @Belle- Thanks Belle, it was tedious but it was well worth it.

    @FFichiban- LOL, that’s just tooo nice, I’m sure the one displayed on the website is something he whipped up with in a crazy time frame, like half an our or something.

    @Megan- Thanks Megan, hahaha I definitely won’t be auditioning for the next series, I’m no where as good as any of the contestants.

    @Kim- Hahaha I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with all the pressure and challenges.

    @Forager- Thanks Forager. LOL I loved achieving that glossy look, lol from now on I’m just going to make tempered chocolate for all my dessert, just to see the gloss.

    @Simonfoodfavourites- Thanks Simon, shame a quarter of it chipped off during the peeling process.

    @Yas- Thanks Yas, took me soo long just to smear the glacage on the plate neatly.

    @Abercrombie- Where’s my share of croissant and brownies!!! LOL Howard I think Howard prefers Campos coffee. Hahahaha Linward Cafe- sounds ugly.

    @Betty- Thanks Betty, hehehe my version is no where near Matt’s one, but I was actually very happy with the way everything tasted. I’d definitely like to try his one though, just for research sake =D

    @Leona- Hahahahaha Leona, I think you’re underestimating yourself. One nice afternoon, just give it a go. Each process is quite simple, however like Zumbo’s Mousse cake, because there’s soo many components it’s just time consuming.

    @Chocolatesuze- Like Citrus&Candy said, it tasted freaken amazing. Very rich and decadent.

    @Reemski- OMG you’re soo lucky Reem, I desperately want to taste Aria’s version since seeing it on Masterchef. Hopefully, I can try them soon.

    @Trissa- Hahaha If I were to ever go on Masterchef, I think I’d be the next Sam LOL.. getting through each stage because of luck rather than talent.

    @Anita- Thanks Anita, give this one a go, I assure you won’t regret it. Everything just goes soo well together, and you get different textures for each chocolate layer as well.

    @Jacq- Thanks Jacq, I think I’m just very very patient. OOooh I think you should definitely try tempering the chocolate, it’s much easier than you think. I just got a candy thermometer from David Jones for $15.00, it worked wonders. I can’t wait to see your attempt =D

  10. @ Mr. Taste- You should definitely give it ago. I think it would taste pretty good with normal milk chocolate as well.

    @ Marthe- hahaha yeah I think there is such thing as chocolate heaven, it exists in making and eating this tart.

    @ Sandra- Thanks Sandra, I’m far from being a masterchef, but thanks for the vote of confidence =D

    @ Amrita- awww thanks Amrita. I had the tart the next day, it tasted just as good.

    @ Trissa- LOL, I dunno Trissa, it’s hard to predict the way a bloke thinks.

    @ Ja- Thanks Ja, that’s a huge compliment. I would love to attend pastry school one day, to learn all the basics and gain expertise in all the difficult things.

    @ Ellie- Hahaha Thanks Ellie. Btw who are you calling a legend, you’re the one with great recipes and cook book quality photos. Hmm not sure what’s next, might attempt another masterchef classic.

    @ Arwen- After at least a dozen failed attempts, you’d think I’d quit by now. Thankfully recently I’ve found a couple of fool proof macaron recipes. My last 3 attempts were succesful, go me! =D

    @ IronChefShellie- Thanks Shellie. Poh and Julie did an amazing job, they would’ve whipped my butt tooo easily.

    @ Memoria- Thanks heaps =D You should give it a go. A couple of family members hate chocolate (weirdos), but i think I’ve converted them with this tart.
    .-= linda´s last blog ..Sepia, Sydney =-.

  11. Suey says

    Hey Linda the choc was the bomb! it was enjoyed by all. You’re the best for sending me one of your fine masterpieces :)

  12. That lone shot of the chocolate tart looks so sexy!

    Excellent effort for this dish. I’m sure it would have been a contender had you been on Masterchef :)

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  14. Aplusk says

    Wow looks absolutely fantastic!!! But where did u get that jivara choclate and how many serving is this recipe for?

  15. Val van Huyssteen says

    Hi there
    I live in South Africa in a small town and rely a lot on television and the internet for ideas. The very first Masterchef Australia finished in our country only yesterday 16 November 2010. I was in awe with the final desert. As my daughter is getting married on 04 Dec 2010 and I am making the wedding cake myself, I am now testing this Aria chocolate tart recipe with a twist of my own. I am making mini individual cakes to serve as a desert. I am still busy and in the experimental stage, but plan to do the bottom biscuit layer, topped with a some of the tart filling with a thin layer of chocolate mousse on top, then a thin slice of chocolate sponge and then the chocolate glacage. Do you think this will work or will it be too rich?? We are serving strawberries, rasberries and ice cream with it. I have just discovered your website and I am hooked on it as I am hooked on Masterchef Australia. Thank you and kind regards.

  16. Hi Val,
    Firstly congratulations to your daughter’s upcoming wedding. WOW to you for taking up the role of being the wedding cake baker. You’ve chosen the perfect thing to make for the wedding, this tart would definitely impress. I did find that the tart was quite rich, so I think it would be perfect if you add a sponge layer to separate the glacage and mousse. However, I think it may be a little more visually appealing if you had a thin layer of mousse, then a thinnish sponge layer, then another thin layer of mousse, then topped with the glacage. That way, I think the layers would look more even. Just a thought. Either way, I think what ever you create would be beautiful. Good Luck.

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  18. Lillie;D says

    OMG! I am in awe of your talent! I think Matt should take you in as a apprentice now!
    well done!
    What did it taste like?

  19. hey! you’ve managed to pull off the looks really well! congratulations for that! can you just tell me what we gotta do with the pastry when we’re told to “fill rice” ? :)

  20. Wouw, amazing! You did an excellent job! My tart, here in Holland, comes just out of the oven now. I read all you’re tips and tricks. Hope it’s going to look like yours! That would be a masterpiece for me.

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