Month: August 2009

Bistro Ortolan, Leichhardt

Have you ever liked something so much that you find yourself seeing it again, buying it again or eating it again ? I remember when The Matrix came out, I watched it at the cinemas three times. I’ve recently found the perfect pair of jeans by A.P.C, I end up buying two pairs so I can rotate. In terms of food, well, this is my second visit to Bistro Ortolan in two weeks.

Angus Beef Burgers, McDonalds

There use to be a time when I didn’t feel too guilty eating Macca’s. Life was so much simpler as a kid, when Macca’s was a treat every few weeks. I use to get really excited when we we went for breakfast or for a meal after Thursday night shopping. There was a time when all the burgers came in styrofoam boxes too, ah those were the days.

Daring Baker’s Challenge, Dobos Torte

Throughout the last couple of months, to alleviate my withdrawal symptoms from Masterchef addiction, I dabbled in a couple of side projects, the Adriano Zumbo Mousse Cake, and the Aria Chocolate tart. I had soo much fun tackling those two recipes that I decided to join the Daring Baker’s Challenge. This month marks my first forray into the secrect baking society that is the Daring Baker’s Challenge (DBC).

Japaz, Neutral Bay

Enter Japaz, a fusion of Japanese and Spanish inspired dishes by a man with credentials oozing with class. Hiro has worked for Joel Robuchon and plied his trade in Michelen Starred and Hatted restaurants such as Tetsuya’s. Having done his time at some of the most highly regarded restaurants in the world, Japaz is his brainchild of two cuisines which have been been embraced with open arms by Australia palettes, Japanese and Spanish.