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cookshow&tell, Greek

Another month, another feast

Once again, another month has come and gone. Every month the est crew` all get together and try cook up a different cuisine. For this month’s cook show & tell theme, we decided to go with Greek cuisine. I think the inspiration for the Greek theme stemed from George Comlombaris’s obsession passion for all things Greek, which was displayed prominantly on Masterchef. As usual, when a group of food lovers get together for a cook up, you’re bound to get too much food, endless photo taking opportunities, and a guaranteed late dinner. Atleast this time, we ate before 9pm.

When I think of Greek food I think of souvlaki and tzatziki. This shows my ignorance for the cuisine as well. I guess the good thing about these monthly cookups is the opportunity to do some research into more traditional dishes of a particular cuisine. But as it turns out, we still end up with souvlaki and tzatziki.

To start off the meal, Minh and F kindly prepared a couple of nibblies. Whilst preparing our entrees and mains, we nibbled on Tzatziki with sesame Lavosh and goats cheese rolled in ash with thyme, lemon oil and olives.

Our ‘cooking snacks’

Beers for the boys

Beers for the boys


Tzatziki with sesame lavosh

Recipe from :


Goat's cheese pre-rolled in ash with marinated olives


Entree & Sides


Grilled Haloumi cheese with olive oil, lemon and oregano

What good would a greek dinner be without grilled halmoumi ? The salty and rubbery texture is very addictive and is best served with some minimal additions such as olive oil, lemon and oregano.


Grilled baby octopus with red wine vinegar/olive oil dressing

Octopus is great when grilled. After doing a bit of research it seems the Greeks keep their marinades quite simple for seafood. We experimented a bit by mixing Lemon, oregano, sugar, garlic, red wine vinegar and olive oil as a marinade. It turned out tasting pretty good, the slightly burnt bits on the baby octopus were particularly addictive.


Oven baked tomato stuffed with risotto

Teresa used organic tomatoes from the Eveleigh Markets for these. Despite the cost, the taste more than made up for it. The tomatoes were bloody sweet, they didn’t even have a hint of sourness you would associate with normal tomatoes.


Greek salad with orzo and four bean salad

Minh substitued black beans with a four bean mix and it worked quite well. You can’t really stuff up a Greek salad so this dish was quite a hit with the punters.

Recipe :



Organic Beef Koftas w/ organic yoghurt

Teresa who is our resident Vegeterian Vegequarian made these beef koftas. For someone who wasn’t able to taste them because she doesn’t eat meat, she did a pretty good job in getting all the flavours right. Despite these looking like shit on a stick, they tasted very moist mainly due to the organic beef instead of regular beef. We all agreed she did better than Sam’s effort on Masterchef where his kofta’s were not cooked properly!


Lamb souvlaki

The token dish at every Greek dinner would probably be the lamb souvlaki. I usually wing it when it comes to marinades and this one was no different. I mixed together dried greek oregano, cumin seeds, lots of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and cracked pepper. I then put all the cubed pieces of lamb leg into a zip lock bag with the marinade and let it sit in the fridge for 3 hours. Just before dinner time I popped them onto the BBQ because they are best served fresh off the BBQ otherwise they become a bit dry and chewy.




Pastitsio internal

Pastitsio is a type of greek baked pasta and is similar in taste to lasagna but has cinnamon in it (it is not a pastitsio if there isn’t any cinnamon). This dish just screams ‘winter’ all over it, especially with the copious amounts of cheese and bechamel sauce. The crusty bits of cheese on the top were to die for.

Recipe for pastitsio:

Recipe for bechamel sauce :


Prawn Saganaki

You’d think this was George’s dish on Masterchef and not Gary considering it is Greek. Simple in preperation and simple in taste, we used organic cherry tomatoes and once again they really made a difference due to their extra sweetness and juicyness.

Recipe :




Chocolate pistachio cigarette


Chocolate pistachio cigar - internal

B whipped up George’s chocolate cigarettes from Masterchef minus the sabayon. I still cringe at the thought of Matt Preston saying to Lucas ” Close but no cigar ” when judging his cigars. The combination of dark chocolate and pistachios is a match made in heaven, I don’t even think B used any honey or butter as directed in the recipe. Instead of serving it with sabayon we had it with custard which turned out to be a perfect alternative.

Recipe :




Pistachio Baklava

Baklava usually goes for a few dollars a piece, little do people know that it is actually quite easy to make. We were lucky enough to find a baklava recipe in this months Gourmet Traveller Magazine and they had a fool proof recipe. We didn’t have time to let it sit overnight, otherwise it would have tasted even better. We left a few pieces for Minh to try the next day and she confirmed it tasted heaps better when given proper resting time.

Recipe :

So throughout July, Masterchef played an integral part of our lives, this was evident in some of our chosen recipes. In terms of how we went with the Greek theme, I know for a fact that we have barely touched the surface of authentic Greek food. I hope to rectify that by visiting some proper Greek restaurants this year to see what I am really missing out on.

So what’s on the menu for the August cookshowandtell ? We’re not too sure yet but with August creeping up next week we better figure out something soon.


  1. David says

    epic !!!!

    i use to have pastitsio alot from my greek friends after soccer training as a youngster

  2. Yum. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks koftas look like poos! Everything looks amazing, I really want to try making the pastitsio now. The baklava turned out so well! Who made it? :)
    .-= Steph´s last blog ..Cherry Coconut Brownies =-.

  3. Oh yum. My GF & I have regular theme dinners and I was tossing up the idea of Greek or Turkish because of George’s yummy looking open koftas on MasterChef. Seeing this has convinced me it’s the way to go!! I am definitely trying the prawn saganaki – looks fresh and delicious – and one of the filo desserts.
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Lemon Meringue Cake =-.

  4. sydneyguyrojoe says

    The food looks like what i get when i go over my greek friends place. The only thing missing is a roast pig on a spit, which no of us can eat because we are filled up by everything else!!

  5. @David : First time I’ve tried, love it cause it tastes like lasagna.

    @Steph : Minh made the baklava, check out the GT recipe it’s really good!

    @Megan : Oh I love turkish food too, hard choice.

    @Forager : I wouldn’t be surprised at all, I bet George is raking it in now at his restaurant though.

    @Mr Taste : Definately alot cheaper, it’s like night and day. Well worth it too.

    @Arwen : Everyone has a soft spot for crispy cheese 😀

    @FFichiban : Shit on a stick tastes better than it looks 😉

    @Moya : Thanks, Greek food is good as it’s very colourful as well.

    @Jackie : It was actually brown sugar, not chocolate. Though it does make it look like chocolate !

    @Sydneyguyrojoe : wow I wouldn’t mind trying a traditional greek roast pig, wonder how it differs to the normal ones.

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  7. Phuoc says

    WOW! Great cook up guys! Food looks fabulous and yummy! I’m very curious about the goat cheese wrapped in ash.. what was that like?

    I work in a Greek restaurant so if you guys are around Parramatta, pop into Kouzina Greco for a visit! The food is cooked by an old Greek lady! Can’t get more authentic than that! YUMMO.

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