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Kings Charcoal Chicken, Thirroul

How fried chicken was meant to be

On our way down to Kiama for the long weekend, we stopped by Thirroul to check out the ‘Princess’ Pashley bike at one of the few stores in New South Wales that stocks that brand. It also happened to be lunch time and afterwards we hungrily prowled the streets for a place to eat.

Well, okay, that’s not quite true.

We ambled along the road and a couple of stores down from the bike shop, we found ourselves at a pretty big sit-down, take-away corner store called Kings Charcoal Chicken (imagine your average kebab store and multiply that space by 5).

Southern Fried Chicken Burger (Chicken Fillet, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo)

Two of the guys ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Burger and I was told that it was generously sauced and the chicken was cooked almost to perfection.

Box of Fried Chicken

Large Chips with Fried Chicken

Minh and I had a hankering for a deep fried chicken and so split a 7-pack, complete with large chips. The batter was fried to an awesome crisp, the chicken was deliciously fleshy, tender and juicy.

As much as we loved the chicken, we struggled to finish the pack and had to enlist the help from one of the guys, who was all too happy to comply.

Large Chips

The chips were okay, but tasted better with lashings of the gravy. I still can’t get over how big the servings were though. We also struggled to finish the chips and again the guys happily helped out (what would we do without them?).

Portuguese Chicken Burger with Cheese, Lettuce, Chilli & Mayo

The Portuguese chicken burger had the perfect ratio of chilli sauce and mayo to the rest of the burger. The guys said that tasted like an Oportos burger, which I take to be a good thing because everyone I know who loves chilli loves Oportos. Kings Charcoal Chicken seemed pretty consistent with their wonderfully moist and tender chicken, no matter if it was in a burger or a box of 7.

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with KFC: I love the idea of deep fried chicken, but I hate the bloated, greasy feeling I usually get after eating a 2-piece meal. I was kind of surprised to find that I didn’t get that here (and I had about 3 pieces!), I was full but content. Minh had KFC to sate her fried chicken cravings several days later and sighed that “it just wasn’t the same”.

Thirroul, it would seem, is more than meets the eye – hiding a gem of a fried chicken place.

Kings Charcoal Chicken
Lawrence Hargrave Drive
Thirroul, NSW, 2515
Ph: 02 4267 4759


  1. That fried chicken photo is going to make me go and get some KFC (because KFCs are practically everywhere, and places like this that have awesome fried chicken are practically nowhere) – and then I will be sad that it is absolutely nothing like how you described your fried chicken :( It’s the fried chicken dilemma…
    .-= Mr Taste´s last blog ..Sweetness the Patisserie – Epping =-.

  2. Ooh, those chips & gravy look so good. They remind me of school days, we used to get them all the time!

  3. Fried chicken!!! Waffles!! Watermelon!!
    Hee hee mmm that chicken really looks soo good…but looks like I’ll have to settle for KFC too *sigh*
    .-= FFichiban´s last blog ..Study Food =-.

  4. OMG!!!!!!! I’m tempted to drive there just for the chicken and chips and gravy! That looks awesome! I think given a plate of Tetsuya’s signature dish or the chicken with chips and gravy…..I’m sorry Mr Tetsuya. But you lose out to the drool inducing fried goodness!

  5. I’ve been there a few times cos my uncle lives just up the street from this place.. so whenever I drop in unexpected I get some chicken from here. I like the chicken here too :)
    .-= sam´s last blog ..project 365 =-.

  6. Mr. Taste: Your comment made me laugh because it’s so true! I had KFC on the weekend – definitely not the same.

    Betty: Chips with gravy are awesome! I also love a good heavy sprinkle of chicken salt too =)

    Simon Food Favourites: Me too =(

    FFichiban: Hehe… yeah just looking at it now makes me so hungry!

    SoRMuiJAi: LOL! It’s definitely hard to beat fried goodness ^_^

    sam: Argh! So lucky! I guess you see your uncle a lot? 😉 hehe

    Btw, I love your 365 days project – been thinking of doing it too.

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