Month: July 2009

cookshow&tell, Greek

Once again, another month has come and gone. Every month the est crew` all get together and try cook up a different cuisine. For this month’s cook show & tell theme, we decided to go with Greek cuisine. I think the inspiration for the Greek theme stemed from George Comlombaris’s obsession passion for all things Greek, which was displayed prominantly on Masterchef.

Eating at the Snow, Jindabyne

With the snow season upon us, I’ve been popping down to the slopes every odd weekend. A couple of the trips have been those “red-eye” runs (or as I usually call them: “one-dayers”) where we leave Sydney at 2am, snowboard, and then drive home on the same day.

Despite the seemingly crazy tactic to alleviate my need to snowboard, I do get to be deliciously fuelled for the day at Serges Cafe and snack on freshly made doughnuts after.

Jugemu & Shimbashi, Neutral Bay

V informed me of a great Japanese place in Neutral Bay. Yes, there are loads of Japanese restaurants in Neutral Bay, however this one was slightly different and more impressive. I should inform you all that I am a HUGE fan of NOODLES. I LOVEEE noodles, any type, any style, any dish. I’d pick noodles over any other carbohydrate. So when V informed me Jugemu & Shimbashi hand made their soba, I was sold!

Merivale Winter Feasts, Mad Cow, Sydney

The Merivale Winter Feasts menus offer a fair bit of variety, if you’re in the mood for Sushi, Teppanyaki or Tapas? You’re covered for it all! But when my co-workers asked for a recommendation on where to go for lunch my only response was, ‘Meat!’ and off to Mad Cow we headed. The Mad Cow restaurant sits on the base floor of the Merivale’s Ivy complex and bills itself as a ‘Fabulously flamboyant New York-style grill’, and yes they serve up a lot of meat.