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Yuletide Pork dinner at Restaurant Atelier, Glebe

Let’s do the hokey porkey

While there have been tragic casualties of the swine flu around the world, my favourite animal the piggy should be given a break. Please take a moment with me while we do the hokey porkey in celebration of this fantastic piece of meat.

Image via reddit

Image via reddit

Jokes aside, back to the post.

I’ll be honest and admit that I had not heard of what Yuletide was until this evening. I’m not sure where I failed in primary school and missed this piece of knowledge. Anyway, thanks to the wonderful Mel from Fooderati and Stewart from Whiteworks, a handful of bloggers had the opportunity to meet a few people in the Food industry as well as try the delights served by Darren Templeman at Restaurant Atelier, Glebe. Darren definately know’s a thing or two about pork and if his ratings on eatability are any indication he is pretty handy at everything else as well. 

Matching wines of the night were courtesy of Pigs Peake Winery from Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. We had a good chat with them and it turns out that Pigs Peake don’t even distribute to bottle shops, they are busy enough with people turning up to their wineyards in the Hunter Vallley and supplying to big time restaurants such as Rockpool. They are also consistently exporting overseas, it looks like they are making enough coin even without mass advertising and selling out to bottleshops. Top effort guys, I’ll be sure to make a visit the next time I’m in the Hunter Valley.

Moisture infused pork


Photo by Australian Pork

With the winter months coming up, we all love a good roast pork or even a roast of anything for that matter. The theme of the night was indeed pork, moisture infused pork . It’s not like anything I have tasted as it is infused with water and salt as part of an infusion process. The result is a soft and tender pork while retaining it’s pork’ish flavour and not being dried out too easily which can happen with normal pork. It is still cooked as per normal pork but with these added benefits.

Look for the mosture infused pork label at your local butcher or contact Australian Pork for a list of distributers. I managed to get myself a rack of moisture infused pork, I can’t wait to make something with it and I’ll be sure to post it onto the blog whether it works out or not.

The Food


From left : Honey glazed pork hock with roasted apples, Grilled pickled loin of pork with celeriac remoulade, Pulled Pork Neck salad with Crystal Bay Prawns

First up is this goregeously plated entree of pork served in three ways. From the top left was the honey glazed pork. A generous chunk of pork was caramalised and cut through perfectly with the knife. With a piece of pork this thick, you would normally expect it to be quite tough. In the middle is the grilled pickle loin of pork paired with celeriac remoulade and as you can see, was absolutely tender.  On the right is pulled pork neck in the form of a salad. The pork neck is tender and full of flavour and usually has some decent fat content which makes it tastier than the normal pork chop. It is served a crystal bay prawn which is grilled and topped with coriander. 



Boned Shoulder of pork roasted with a Winter Herb Cure on Creamed Parsnip and Buttered Kale with Pot Roasted Murray Valley Moisture infused pork rack with broad beans, pomme cocotte & pine forest mushrooms

Throughout the evening, a few bloggers were anticipating that we would atleast have some pork belly in our meal. I know beggars can’t be choosers, but pork belly is one of my favourite cuts of eat regardless of how bad it is for me. I didn’t get my pork belly, but the shoulder of pork was just as good. Once again, the pork was soft and moist and went well (anyone else sick of this line ?) with the creamed parsnip and buttered kale. On the right was a larger than expected piece of moisture infused pork which is cooked with a little bit of pink in the middle. It is simply served with a side of simple vegetables but the real show stopper was the small mashed potato balls (pommo cocotte). They just balanced so well with everything else on the plate.



Poached winter fruits with Christmas pudding ice cream

This dessert not only looked like Christmas, but it smelt like it. The fruits were poached and paired up well with the spices in the Christmas pudding ice cream. It wasn’t a show stopper dessert by any means, but it a light and perfect way to finish off our pork inspired Yuletide meal as it wasn’t too heavy nor too sweet.

More pork to come


As we leave we are given a showbag which took me as a surprise. What surprised me more was a 1.2kg rack of moisture infused pork. The challenge was given out to blogger attendees to come up with a dish of their own with this pork. I’m yet to decide what to do with it but I can’t wait to get started as well as check out what everyone has planned.

After trying moisture infused pork for the first time, I’m definately a fan. I’m not sure how much it costs per kg, but if it’s decently priced then I might by it more often as it definately tastes alot better than normal pork chops. In saying that, nothing still beats a good crispy skin pork belly which is roasted with plenty of heat clogging crackle.

Restaurant Atelier

22 Glebe Point Road 
Glebe NSW 2037
Ph: (02) 9566 2112
Web :


  1. Oh no – kermit! I like the look of the food though. I’m a fan of broad beans, so it’s good to see them being served with the pork. I like the sound of the mashed potato balls too, it’s a creative take.

    Arwen from Hoglet K’s last blog post..Almond Horns

  2. abercrombie says

    pics look great… have a big interest in what this infused tastes like.. and the texture as well..

    only gripe, the boned pork shoulder.. could have been a little more cleanly fleshed from the bone.. entrees look great!

  3. Karen : Flash does come handy, a worthy investment!

    Y : I’ve been lazy, pork is in the freezer.

    Simon : You too mate, top effort on your photos on your post!

    Zuggs : Indeed, take your Gf there.

    FFichiban : Sadly, I’m lacking inspiration for my pork rack :/

    Arwen : I love broad beans too, my mum does a stir fry with minced pork which is great!

    Abercrombie : The taste is the same, but the texture is alot more tender.

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