Month: May 2009

Yuletide Pork dinner at Restaurant Atelier, Glebe

I’ll be honest and admit that I had not heard of what Yuletide was until this evening. I’m not sure where I failed in primary school and missed this piece of knowledge. Anyway, thanks to the wonderful Mel from Fooderati and Stewart from Whiteworks, a handful of bloggers had the opportunity to meet a few people in the Food industry as well as try the delights served by Darren Templeman at Restaurant Atelier.

BBQ’ing Wagyu beef

“Hey, do you wanna chip in on some top-grade wagyu beef? It’s from the same wholesalers as where Tetsuya gets his beef and I have to eat a whole kilo of it!”, squeals V. “hmmmm tempting”, I think to myself “but not tempting enough for me to eat meat!”. Yes I don’t eat meat… only seafood. I am a pescetarian. So please note, I am writing in a subjective way… recalling the joy and excitement as I watch my roommates V and Tom devouring the wagyu with such delight.

Cook, show and tell, Dinner for 6

Chogz and Nogz recently invited us over for a “home cooked” dinner, how could we say no to that ? What was suppose to be a dinner cooked by them, turned into a thee course meal with everyone involved. We all prepared a dish each before retiring on the coach for some Scene It on the Xbox 360. Not only did we spend 1/4 as much compared to if we ate out at a restaurant, we all had fun without breaking the bank.