Month: March 2009

Pulse Food and Health, Wynyard

Don’t be fooled by the name of this cafe, it’s not your average ‘health food bar’. You won’t find boring carrot juices and chicken and mayo sandwiches on white bread (nothing wrong with these mind you!). Instead, you’ll find fresh made to order food based on organic ingredients by friendly people who look like they love what they do and if not, they are doing a good job pretending.

Ciao Thyme, Balmain

Darling Street, Balmain – the hussle and bussle street and main thoroughfare of Balmain, is filled with boutique shops, quality restaurants and cafes and bakeries (as well as a great pastry/dessert joint *wink wink*). So as you take a stroll down this street, “which place should I try?” you ask.
Ciao Thyme is a small corner cafe a little further down Darling St, towards the water and away from the central area of Balmain.

Wagaya, Haymarket

Wagaya has been around for a while now, but I’ve never really had a chance to eat there. After coming back from Japan, I’ve been raving and ranting about how good the Izakaya’s are there. So when I had the mandatory task of organising a venue for Linda’s birthday a few people recommended booking a private room at Wagaya. Considering how much noise our group of friends make in public, I’m glad we did.

Homer Hudson Ice Cream

When I mentioned briefly about Homer Hudson Ice Cream in my Se Joung post, I didn’t acticipate so many closet fans of the brand. In fact, I think I received more comments about the Ice cream than the actual post itself! Naturally, I went out and bought all the flavours which were stocked at my local Woolies so I could see what else the fuss was about. I have only tried the cookies and cream version and it is pretty hard to beat. How do the rest stack up Homer ?