Month: January 2009

Mamak, Haymarket

Ever since Mamak opened, it has been our destination of choice for a quick bite to eat if we are in town after midnight. I think my body is starting to reject kebabs once it hits midnight, must be a result of the copious amounts which I consumed when I was younger. Though the good news is, I have replaced my late night kebab fix with a hearty dose of Mamak who open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Subsolo, Sydney

Finding a place to dine for a group of 12 people (without set menu) is particularly difficult during the Christmas festive season. After days of searching, Subsolo was available and suited all our needs. Subsolo is a relatively new restaurant, located at the former Omega site.

Flying Fish, Pyrmont

For most people, Friday nights are reserved for meeting up with friends and drinking away the stresses of work. For me, last Friday, with the glorious weather radiating late into the night, I was confined to sorting out hundreds of food photos on my hard drive. Laboriously sifting through each of the photos and categorising it, I came across a dozen or so of pictures which as a result of frantic December, I accidentally abandoned.

Cook show and tell ?

At some stage last year, we threw a small dinner party with a few friends of ours. We wanted something simple, requiring minimal cooking, leaving plenty of time for chatting and playing Guitar Hero. As it turned out, the cooking wasn’t so minimal and the boys (including me) spent more time in the lounge room than they did in the kitchen.