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Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat, Balmain

So much cake, so little time

If you follow a few Sydney food blogs, you will be wondering why we are simultaneously posting about a man called Adriano Zumbo. Thanks to Reemski, another Sydney food bloggers meet up was organised. This time though, we converged at Adriano’s new Cafe Chocolat so we could sample his new Summer collection, catch up with a few familiar faces, and also meet up with some new faces.

If you were a regular customer at Adriano’s Cafe, you probably could have mistaken us for tourists. Cameras of all shapes and sizes were frantically snapping away at each of Zumbo’s creations as the lovely waitress was bringing them out to our table. She couldn’t believe that we could hold such strong restraint by leaving all the cakes untouched so that each of us could get that perfect shot on our cameras. Such an intriguing species we food bloggers are.

I’m not going to write too much, as a few other bloggers have done a better job at capturing exactly what was eaten. But I will say that we had a fantastic time meeting and chatting with everyone. It seems that we all get along pretty well and we had some great conversations with some familiar faces and also with the new bloggers which we met for the first time.

If you haven’t been to Adriano’s cafe or patisserie, maybe these pictures will convince you to (Thank you Helen for the names of the cakes).

The beginning


The 'studio'

Copious amounts of cameras were snapping away at this make shift food photography studio. 













The Younger Years - Chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis, vanilla anglaise injection & peanut butter gelato $13.50

This one involved injecting a syringe full of vanilla anglaise into the chocolate fondant. The peanut butter gelato was amazing. If your only going to try one thing at Zumbo’s, this would be it.  


Past Jobs ($7.50) - Kaffir lime and ginger pannacotta, black sticky rice pudding, exotic fruit jelly and palm sugar mascarpone


Top left : Berry brioche



Miss Marple ($7.50) - Orange cheesecake with orange strwaberry compote, cream cheese creme legere with a crepe and maple glaze


Charles du Jour ($7.60) - Tart pate sucree, vanilla ganache, vanilla creme chantilly, vanilla water bursts and vanilla glacage

 Named after one of the blokes who works behind the counter.


Left (Cassius $7.80) - Chocolate biscuit macaron, blackcurrant chocolate cremeaux, chocolate pieces with sea salt, dark chocolate Chantilly (gluten-free) / Right (Tarte aux fruits de la passion $5.50) - Pate sable, passionfruit creme


Chocolate and truffles


UZA ($7.80) - Biscuit macaron, sweet corn jelly, saffron bavaroise, vanilla brulee




The aftermath


Adiano Zumbo is a man who I greatly admire. At the tender age of only 26, it seems he has already mastered his art. It makes me wonder what I have achieved in my career when this guy already has two stores to his name and his own facebook group.

What next Mr Zumbo ? Please continue to wow us with your never ending production line of goodies and maybe even another cafe in the CBD ? There is no doubt you will give the likes of Lindt , Max Brennar and Guylian a run for their money. 

Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat
Shop 5, 308 Darling St, Balmain, Sydney
(inside Balmain Mall)
Tel: (02) 9555 1199
Open : 7 days 7am-6pm
Web : 

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat on Urbanspoon


  1. Damn gorgeous photos Howard! How fun is it to read and see all the different posts and photos from everybody else? Great to meet you on Sunday (and the rest of the eat, show & tell crew too!). Hopefully next time we get a chance to actually chat! :)

  2. I think you captured this AMAZINGLY well! Wow!! I have not seen it on other food blogs yet, but I can’t imagine them capturing it any better!
    Ugh….I need a ticket to Australia and indulge……
    For the beauty and work into those creations, I think the price is really good too!

  3. amanda bechara says

    i cant help you with your career, but i CAN start a facebook group in your honour. love your pictures and you you guys!

  4. Hi guys, nice shots, I’m sifting through mine only to realise I spent a Lot of time chatting and much too little time on my camera that morning, lucky everyone else was onto it lol.

    Great to meet the team:)

    Miss Honey’s last blog post..Chocolate Cake

  5. The Younger Years WAS the best dessert I think… But maybe its because I love chocolate! It was very fun injecting! 😛

  6. Karen : Thanks. Yes it’s quite awesome to be able to read other reviews, less work for me since my memory is bad :)

    Suze : The macarons rock, I will have to try the hot choc you had next time!

    Whiteonricecouple : If you ever come to Sydney, give me a yell! A trip to Zumbo’s will definately be on the agenda.

    Amanda : Was great to meet you, I’m an instant fan of your writing!

    Miss Honey : Chatting is good, I think we had enough camera geeks 😉

    Reemski : Thanks for organising!

    Arwen : It does indeed look spooky, especially when you start injecting into it … you have second thoughts eating it. But it’s worth it!

    Helen : The Zumbo porn is overwhelming. I don’t think Zumbo needs to fix his rather bare website, he can rely on us bloggers to spread the word! Great post on Zumbo btw.

    Belle : Great to see you again and of course you can never have too much of Zumbo’s cakes!

    FFichiban : Was nice meeting you mate, hopefully we get to meet the rest of your crew next time.
    Simon : Speak for yourself 😉

    Lorraine : Yep that was Linda. Was nice seeing you again and thanks for the tip on the cookbook!! Oh and your write up is awesome.

  7. sydneyguyrojoe says

    Looks great but i have to look after my waistline, im looking after my hips!!
    And funny enough i did notice that other food bloggers were reviewing this place, i just thought the place must be giving away free fridges or something to get people to review them!!

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