Month: December 2008

Shanghai Night, Ashfield

Seriously, I refuse to pay a premium price for my beloved dumplings. While Din Tai Fung has grace, class and attentive customer service, Ashfield’s small and dodgy looking establishments make it close enough to being the dumpling capital of Sydney, if not Australia. Keep in mind, it’s the great tasting dumplings at a fraction of the price of Din Tai Fung which makes me coming back for more at either Shanghai Night, or New Shanghai.

Christmas Day Lunch

For lunch we often have a bbq instead of the convential and traditional roast turkeys, hams and so forth. Christmas to me is having good food, with good people. It doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you celebrate it with someone. This Christmas, we had an east meets west theme with a few Asian inspired dishes and some good old Australian favourites.

Sushi Tengoku, Kensington

Sushi Tengoku is a place where I have frequented for a while now for a quick dinner after work. It’s just that each time I’m there, I never actually have my camera with me because I hate carrying it to the office. Like most people, I go here because of it’s massive sushi rolls.

Azuma ,Chifley Plaza

When I visited Japan a few years ago during my uni days, I actually didn’t get to eat any sashimi at all. Back then, I hadn’t developed my appreciation for food and all we ate was cheap ramen , teriyaki chicken and katsu curries to name a few dishes. Throughout Uni, I only ever ate food court Japanese and I always maintained that Kura had the ‘best’ japanese food I had ever tasted. Fast forward a few years, and I see myself sitting in Azuma which is regarded as one of the top tier japanese restaurants in Sydney.

Restaurant Sojourn, Balmain

Having launched our blog earlier this year, we were excited and surprised that it is still running by the end of the year. To celebrate the unexpected longevity of our food blog we decided to hold a christmas dinner for the contributors to eatshow&tell and their partners at Restaurant Soujourn.