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Sugar Hit : Four Seasons, Sydney

Chocolate goodness

This year, the Sugar Hit at Four Seasons is served upstairs. We got a bit confused as to which side it was on – there was no waiter that came out to greet and usher us to an available table. After awkwardly walking back and forth a couple of times, one of the waitresses spotted us and showed us to a table.

It seemed that it took a little longer than usual for the desserts to arrive, but when it did my friends admired the deconstructed sachertorte, while I stared at it rather baffled, swivelling my rounded triangular plate this way and that, not sure how to best get a shot of it. A couple of the more photography-geek friends helpfully gave some suggestions and I ended up with the shot below (thanks Minh and Sam!). In hindsight, I should have taken a “back” shot as well, but the temptation to taste the delicate morsels were just too much to resist and I had to dig in.

Deconstructed Sachertorte with Chocolate Ganache, a Chocolate something, and Apricot Jelly

Unfortunately, in my state of bewilderment, I missed out on our waitress’s explanation of the dessert (if anyone knows what the plate consists of, could you let us know? Thanks!). I’ve heard that in previous years, Four Seasons’ Sugar Hit offerings have been disappointing, but things seem to be turning around as it was quite delectable: the not-too-dry, not-too-moist sachertorte that’s liberally draped with the yummy chocolate ganache accompanied by the chocolate swirl thing, and when your tastebuds are on the verge of being chocolated out, the tartness of the apricot jelly saves your palate (I thought so anyway).

The deconstructed sachertorte et al was complimented by Brown Brother’s Orange Flora and Muscat, where it’s rich, sweet flavour enhanced the chocolate-dominant dessert rather nicely.

A couple of my friends went to the Sugar Hit at the Westin just before coming here and liked that better, citing that this was a bit too chocolate-y for them, so it’d be interesting to taste the difference when we go there in 2 weeks time.

Four Seasons
199 George Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ph: (02) 9238 0000


  1. i’m sorry but it sounds like ur friends are talking smack! they should’ve noticed the artificial sweetener used to make the gelatin in the trifle which when coupled with too much pistachio flavouring kinda leaves an unsightly tang in the aftermath….

    also, a sachertorte IS a chocolate cake so i don’t know how you can expect it to be any less chocolate-y?

    sorry – that’s a little harsh but totally fair! 😛

  2. That’s a fabulous looking dessert I have to say! Thanks for the review on the Sugar Hit, they’re always my favourite part of Good Food Month :)

  3. paddycakes says

    That looks delicious and all, but $20 delicious? Get out of here! Sadly, sugar hits have been getting less and less value in my opinion. I could get a pretty fantastic dessert at most restaurants for $20…

    That said, we had the Kings Cross Hotel Sugar Hit last week, I thought it was excellent; three separate desserts, and a sparkling shiraz that contrary to our expectations, married really well with the desserts. I want to try the intercon, too; looks quite good.

  4. Yeah I agree with Paddycakes. A few years ago (Maybe even last year) it was $15. I remember having it at the Radisson and while it did not taste that good atleast it was good value!

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