Month: October 2008

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Having tried the one in Yagoona previously which resulted in utter dissapointment, I was a little apprehensive about Beverly Hill’s. However, upon arrival to the restaurant, witnessing the restaurant filled to full capacity albeit on a week night, the hustle and bustle from the waiters combined with the buzzing chatting from the patrons assured me that this would be a different experience.

Danks Steet Festival 2008

As mentioned on their website, Danks street festival is back. This year, it’ll be bigger, better and louder than before. Friends always rave to us about how much fun the festival is, making it better was the plethora of food stands on offer. With the promise of food, music and a great day out, Linda and I, along with a friend decided it was about time we see what all the fuss is about. As the event started at 10:30am, knowing that city dwellers and food fanatics would be out in full force, we knew we’d have to get in first.

Dong Ba & Loc Ky Restaurant, Cabramatta

Lately, I have frequented Cafe Ish and La Gerbe d’Or for my weekend Brunch fix. I figured that it was perhaps time I paid a visit back to Cabramatta as it has now been a month or two since I had my regular dosage of authentic Vietnamese food. Most of us know the typical Vietnamese dishes of Pho, Spring rolls and Crispy Skin Chicken (which I have doubts over whether it’s even Vietnamese or not)

Sugar Hit : Shangri-La, The Rocks

During last year’s Good Food Month, the dessert on offer at the Shangri-La was easily the best of the bunch. Each component of the platter complimented each other and was scrumptious on its own as well. I was pretty excited about going to Shangri-La this year with high expectations and a hint of anxiousness that the Sugar Hit may not be as good.