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Vintage Cafe on the Rocks, The Rocks

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks is nestled amongst an assortment of cafes and niche retail stores, accessible only by The Nurse’s Walk – a narrow, cobblestone path that seems to meander between and behind buildings, a remnant. The cafe itself is actually quite tiny and we were ushered into a semi-separate room to accommodate our group of 16. It was Friday night and they had some groovy live jazz music happening, adding to the cosy atmosphere.

The dinner menu specialises in tapas, so we ordered various dishes in groups of 4 or 6. When the food came out we had some groups eyeing another’s dish, wishing they had ordered that as well – they all smelt and looked great though!

Char-Grilled Eggplant stuffed with Herbed Ricotta

This was delicious – char-grilled to perfection and with the right amount of ricotta too, nestling within the folds of the eggplant slices. We were sorry to see it go so quickly.

Roasted Field Mushrooms with Tarragon and Fetta

This was our absolute highlight of the night. The mushrooms were scrumptiously tender and juicy; it was practically bursting with flavour, which was enhanced by the saltiness of the fetta pieces. We speculated how hard it would be to replicate the dish as it looks so simple – perhaps deceptively so? Needless to say, this plate was swept clean.

Portuguese Garlic Prawns

These were pretty good, though we weren’t too sure if it was because we were so hungry. Nice and garlicky.

Spanish Meatballs with Rich Tomato Chutney

The meatballs weren’t that bad, quite average in taste actually, but I would have to say that the chutney really saved this dish. The tomato chutney seemed to make the meatballs more flavoursome and was great as dipping sauce!

Paprika Beef Skewers

The beef was a bit chewy, but it wasn’t too bad – it just wasn’t highly exciting like the roasted field mushrooms.

Flamed Chorizo – Portuguese Style

We’re so easily impressed by fancy presentation and the flaming chorizo was no exception. We ooh’ed and ahh’ed as our waiter deftly turned our chorizo over, keeping it from burning. The dish itself was cute: in the shape of a piglet! However, the chorizo being a chorizo meant that I could only have a tiny slice of it before I couldn’t handle its spiciness any more. It was a good tiny slice mind you, though my friend didn’t quite like it – it didn’t quite hit the spot for her in terms of taste.

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks is lovely place to spend the night out with friends, sharing dishes and drinking decent sangria. The staff is very attentive and the food comes out relatively quickly, which kind of makes up for the somewhat limited dinner menu (the lunch menu, I felt, seemed more diverse and.. well, just more). If we were to go again, I’d most probably order lots of the roasted field mushrooms and a handful of other dishes, as the servings being… well, tapas-sized… they aren’t quite as filling as one would like.

Vintage Cafe on the Rocks
R2 Nurse Walk
The Rocks, NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9252 2055


  1. frank says

    as always pics look like you can eat the, YUMMMY! (yes i did try to lick my screen!)

    close to my work…

    may go there during a lunch break and let you know how the lunch menu is!

  2. mmm now I wish I’d managed to come over earlier that night.. I missed all the food! it looks sooo nice!

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