Month: September 2008

Selah, Circular Quay

I’ve been to Selah a couple of times, once for an anniversary and the other a birthday, and both times I remember the food being pretty good – especially the scallops (oh, their scallops were perfect). When I received their newsletter informing me of their new menu, it wasn’t decision of whether I should go, it was of when I should go.

CJ’s Cafe, Neutral Bay

Fondue’s one of those things that I’ve heard of so often but never tried. I think my first introduction to the concept of fondue was on an episode of Earthworm Jim where Evil the Cat wanted to destroy the universe. Strange, but true; *sighs* cartoons back then were so much better (and now I just sound old haha). Anywho, so imagine my delight when my friend invited me for a (belated) celebratory birthday dinner involving the consumption of fondue.

Recipe : Crispy Skin Pork

Deep inside, everyone has to have a soft spot for some crackling off a piece of roast pork. Regardless of the copious amounts of fat and calories in each crunch, it justs tastes too good to refuse. So inspired by the glorious weather and a craving for some crispy skin pork, Linda and I made […]

Rise, Darlinghurst

After hearing mixed reviews from many people about their experiences at Rise – some saying it was “SOOO GOOD and SOOO yummy!” however some saying “eh it was that great…” – so I just HAD to find out for myself what Rise was really like. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights, there is a 25% […]