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Tealicious House, Dunsborough

There’s just something about a Devonshire or High Tea that makes one’s afternoon just lovely. The quiet conversations are somehow more relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable over a nice hot cup of aromatic tea and delicious itty-bitty morsels.

We happened to find out about Tealicious House at the information centre in Busselton and made a booking for the next day.

Having been to the usual tea room haunts (namely The Tea Room at the QVB and The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst), we thought we knew what to expect – we were pleasantly proven wrong.

Tealicious House offers about 47 different flavours of tea, where a small glass container sits besides each tea package for customers to smell. It took us a while to choose our own tea and after they had been chosen, we were served a complimentary sample of the tea of the day.

Partial tea wall

Summer, the owner, told us that our second pot of tea (each) were also complimentary. Our eyes just bugged at the thought and greedily plotted which tea to try next – even before our first pots of tea arrived!.

2 Cake Stands for 4 Hungry Girls

While the clotted cream and strawberry conserve were delish on the luke-warm scones, the rest of our fare was just above average. Not quite memorable, but I thought quantity was quite generous (though the rest of the girls thought it was normal serving per person). It never looks like a lot when the cake stands comes out, but we were pretty close to bursting at the sides by the time Summer came around with our second pots of brewed tea.

French Earl Grey

Summer recently opened the tea-house in February last year and she’s been really surprised by the response they’ve been getting. We weren’t too surprised: spoilt for choice with the available variety of teas, the (seemingly) gargantuan serving of food, the sunny and relaxing atmosphere, and the top-notch service (they’re my new benchmark for “service with a smile”)… why wouldn’t anyone want to come back? (Besides the fact that it’s in Western Australia and about 4 or so hours from Perth)

The High Tea cost us $30 per person – something we felt was definitely at a bargain price, as we bid Summer good-bye and rolled out of her tea-house.

Tealicious House
Shop 2/237 Naturaliste Terrace
Dunsborough, WA 6281
Ph: (08) 9755 3308


  1. Desiree says

    I have been here and even if you are extremely fussy with your tea (as I am) you will find a tea to please here. I lucky to live in Perth so is not unheard of to drive this far for the week end. I stumbled across these guys while on a 2nd honeymoon with my husband. My husband was dead against having a high tea and only went to humour me, but even he agreed it was lovely. He’s a dyed in the wool coffee man and found a tea that he loved. So much so we brought some home with us.

  2. Desiree: I wish I lived closer to Tealicious – I find myself thinking about it now and again and sighing at the wonderful time we had there. So lucky that you do! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Ricardo says

    Everything was great until we realized one coffee was missing from our breakfast order. An honest mistake that could happen to anyone ended up with the manager yelling at us in the middle of the restaurant, stating she would not apologize for what had not been her mistake but one of her employees’ (or maybe we were lying), and making it clear that it was not her problem that when the coffee finally arrived the toast was cold…

    Tealiceos’ manager has no clue what customer satisfaction means.
    There is a great distance between selling a good product and providing a good customer experience. This was the first time I’ve ever witnessed a manager deflecting responsibilities and getting into an argument with a customer over a miss-understood order.

    If you’re thinking of visiting Tealiceous, make sure you are not in a hurry (20 mins to produce a coffee…) and that they got your order right.

    Just a customer,
    30 Dec 2010

  4. Maddie says

    I am from Melbourne, where it often seems like there are as many cafes as there are people. I can appreciate a great coffee and a friendly, cosy cafe, and I am quite discerning when making an assessment so if you are a cafe snob, listen up!
    Tealicious is the best thing Dunsborough has to offer in my mind. A brilliant, unpretentious menu with scrambled eggs TO DIE FOR!!!!!!! I worked in Yallingup for 2 months over the summer of 2010/2011 and I had scrambled eggs at Tealicious probably nearly twice a week once I had discovered how good they were. Velvety smooth and creamy on lovely toast that doesn’t get soggy from the eggs, and at a brilliant price. All prices are fair at Tealicious which is amazing considering the high prices of the area.
    Even without the scrambled eggs I would still rave about Tealicious. A vast array of different teas available, and any true tea drinker would appreciate the fact that it’s all leaf tea, not tea bags! Freshly squeezed juices in any combination, and pleasant staff to recommend yummy blends such as mint, pear and watermelon. Luscious smoothies – and I don’t throw words such as luscious around willy nilly, they really are amazing. And don’t recall ever having a less than good coffee… coming from someone who drinks coffee daily and won’t drink a bad one.

    Naturally, service can get slow in times like, say for example the end of December (see above…) when it’s peak holiday season, and often a gentle reminder or polite question is a very effective way to communicate should you have doubts about the status of your order.
    I might just remind anyone who hasn’t worked in hospitality that people who work in the service industry are indeed people, they generally want to get your order right and help you have a pleasant experience, so if your expectations are not being met, often communication works rather than snobbery and abuse.

    I would wholeheartedly urge anyone to visit the appropriately named Tealicious and enjoy the de-licious food and drink on offer, grab a newspaper and get comfortable on the long benches and indulge in scrambled eggs, a coffee and finish off with a banana smoothie. Do it for me, I’m back in Melbourne and can’t find a place quite as good…!

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