Month: June 2008

Masuya, Wynyard

Masuya is an old favourite of mine. I’ve been going for the past 3-4 years or so and I remember it fondly as the place where I first tried Sukiyaki. Awesome Sukiyaki. So of course, when a couple of cold hungry photographers were wandering around on a Saturday afternoon, what else would I suggest for dinner? With over 8 of us at the table dinner inevitably became a smorgasboard of entrees and hot pots.

Max Brenner, Parramatta

A recent study published on The Sydney Morning Herald has revealed what all chocolate lovers have been hoping to hear. Flavanols, an antioxidant found in cocoa is associated with reducing cardiovascular risk. At a stage where currently more than 50% of the Australian population is either overweight or obese, hence an increase risk to cardiovascular […]

Oscars, Pyrmont

We used to frequent Oscars so often last year that we had to call for a stop to holding our birthday dinners there. The 2 biggest draws to the bar restaurant for us were: the ribs and the cocktails. The meat’s also wonderfully drenched in hickory sauce and the wide-range of cocktails are usually very […]

Sunday Brunch

Sometimes eating out every weekend just isn’t possible. With the cold weather recently we were invited to an impromptu brunch in order to satisfy our Sunday morning blues. Nothing special here, just some comfort food with some mates to chat away on a Sunday morning. Tasty Cheese Frittata This frittata was initially fried in a […]