Month: May 2008

Sydney Fish Markets

You either love it or hate it. Seafood is an interesting part of our food chain. I know some people who would do anything for seafood. Yet others would rather a sausage sizzle or two (Leon comes to mind, he loves a sausage sizzle on a friday night on oxford st). Oysters with freshly cracked […]

Iron Chef, Cabramatta (again)

Sunday mornings I usually wake up and wonder where I will have have my usual Sunday brunch. The last thing I wanted was Yum Cha again. Is this my version of groundhog day? I must admit, there really is no other alternative for Yum Cha if you happen to live in the Fairfield / Liverpool […]

Sushi Hub, Cabramatta

Cabramatta can be considered the South East Asian food hub of Sydney. You will find delicious food from Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Cambodian / Laos to name a few. The one cuisine which has not made its mark in Cabramatta is Japanese and Korean. Sushi Hub opened sometime in 2007 (perhaps even 2006). Tucked […]

Bar Luck, Cabramatta

We were approaching Bar Luck and noticed that a wedding was being held. Did they confuse our booking with another night? We looked like bogans whereas everyone else was dressed in their elegant wedding attire. Our fears were put to ease when they ushered us into what I would describe as a private Room. Bar […]

Iron Chef, Cabramatta

Where have we been? Like most blogs, it seemed eatshowandtell was destined to be lost forever and neglected. But fear not, I have a backlog of interesting posts waiting to be posted! And what better way to get the ball rolling again with Yum Cha at our local joint Iron Chef. Prawn and Chive dumplings […]